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Trade Promotion Operations

The Association carries out the following projects to promote export and import of furniture.

Export Promotion Operations

The Association pursues a wide range of activities aimed at promoting export of Japanese furniture, including surveys of overseas market trends and collection of related publications and materials; dispatch of inspection teams; introduction and promotion of the domestic furniture industry and products in overseas markets; and coordination between Japanese furniture manufacturers and foreign sources of raw materials. To balance its furniture import promotion activities, the Association continues to study and propose export promotion measures for the domestic industry.
In order to enhance this promotion work more actively, we established in September 2008 the “Export Promotion Committee” consisting of our member companies that are interested in the export of their furniture. The committee members are now eager to open the overseas market.

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Import Promotion Operations

JFA supports the Japan-bound furniture export operations of both domestic and foreign public agencies and furniture manufacturers; hosts a variety of missions from abroad for surveys of the Japanese market and promotion of the sales of foreign products; cooperates in organization of exhibitions, fairs and business meetings held in Japan by foreign countries; gathers and disseminates information about the products foreign manufacturers intend to export to Japan; and forwards business inquiries from domestic importers. Furthermore, the Association regularly surveys the current conditions of domestic distributors and retailers interested in importing foreign furniture, as well as overseas manufacturers experienced in export to Japan and those who aspire to export to Japan, and disseminates the collected information to interested parties.

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External Economic and Technical Cooperation Projects

As the internationalization of furniture production and distribution progresses, JFA researches foreign investment conditions and economic environments for Japanese manufacturers who intend expansion or investment abroad; promotes and facilitates technical tie-ups; dispatches consultants overseas to provide technical guidance and help improve quality control in furniture production; hosts technical training teams; and cooperates in a variety of ways with overseas nations to promote the growth of their furniture industries.

International Interchange Projects

As a measure to deepen positive international relations, the Association promotes liaison and exchanges with overseas organizations to cooperate on mutually beneficial development of furniture manufacturers in Japan and abroad.

Research and Public Information

JFA’s secretariat, resident representatives, and member companies gather materials about furniture and interiors – including information on markets and industrial trends, manufacturers and their products, design, techniques, raw materials, and exhibitions and fairs in Japan and abroad – and offer them to members of the secretariat, in addition to publishing and disseminating selections of general interest.


Cooperation with related association at home and abroad.


May 1957Japan Export Furniture Manufacturer’s Association (JEFMA) established
June 1960JEFMA incorporated as a manufacturer’s cooperative association
Nov 1966JEFMA reorganized as an incorporated manufacturers’ association
May 1975JEFMA reorganized as a corporate juridical person and renamed as IDAFIJ
April 2010Amalgamation with Federation of Japan Furniture Manufacturers Associations
April 2013Name change to Japan Furniture Industry Development Association (JFA)



Sanzo Okada [Chairman of Hida Sangyo Co., Ltd.]


  • Sumio Ono [President of K.K. Asahi]
  • Toru Fukawa [Chairman of Fuji Furniture Co., Ltd.]
  • Koji Morita [Managing Officer of KOKUYO Co., Ltd.]
  • Shuichi Moritani [President of Moriya.Co.,Ltd.]


Japan Furniture Industry Development Association (JFA)
TEL:+81-3-5449-6444 E-mail: info@jfa-kagu.jp
9th floor, Denpa Building
1-11-15 Higashi-Gotanda, Shinagawa, Tokyo,
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